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Boat trip, angling and fishing trip by boat in Jutland

EOf course, a fishing trip with a cruise atmosphere requires excellent catering. The salon at Ostsee Star always serves three meals a day. The large teak wooden tables in the salon ensure a cosy atmosphere among both the anglers and the other passengers.


                     LAST MINUTE OFFER

We have some seats available on our multi-day trips, so we are now making a last minute offer!


Tour 22: with arrival on Wednesday 9/3 at 18:00 and departure Sunday 13 / 3-22 at. 08.00

The price for this is usually 4800 kr / 660 Euro but is now on offer for: 4400 kr / 600 Euro


Trip 23: with arrival on Sunday 13/3 at 18:00 and departure on Wednesday 16 / 3-22 at 08.00

The price for this is usually 3600 kr / 495 Euro but is now on offer for: 3300 kr / 450 Euro


Tour 24: with arrival on Wednesday 16/3 at 18:00 and departure Sunday 20 / 3-22 at. 08.00

The price for this is usually 4800 kr / 660 Euro but is now on offer for: 4400 kr / 600 Euro


All prices are with all meals on board as well as accommodation.

Book by email to ostseestar@hotmail.com or 28498918




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The salon ensures a cosy atmosphere

Here you can also enjoy a well-deserved cold beer or other drinks after a long and wonderful day at sea, where you have really put in some effort. There is also access to a fully automatic coffee machine with various coffee specialities 24 hours a day.

The food onboard the Ostsee Star is very well prepared, much to the delight of our guests. If the catering is top-notch, the atmosphere usually is too. If the weather changes and storms or rain dampen activities, good food always helps to keep the guests’ spirits up.

Travel comfort without compromise

Below deck are spacious double cabins with cosy bunks and with sink.
there are also bathing facilities. There is also storage space for light luggage. We encourage all guests to use travel bags as these take up much less space on board.
We ask you to please leave coolers and other containers in the car on the dock as there are plenty of cooling options for the day’s catch and cooling elements on board.

(+45) 2849 8918