Ostsee Star

lystfiskeri og hygge

M / s Ostsee Star is an older steel ship. It was built in 1978 in Norway and has gone there as a coastal freighter. It has then been converted to angler boat as it goes today.

The boat contains:

Large salon, 8 Double cabins, 2 Shower, 2 Toilets and a well equipped deck, with 2 rod holder per man, large cleaning table, ice cream and good freezer options.

It offers: Multiple Day Tours and Day Tours.



Fishing and Fun

M / s Emilia is an old Y-cutter, it was built in Sæby in 1937 and started as a fishing boat and tendons have been in the home defense. It has, through its time, passed us as a fishing boat, as it does again now.

The boat contains:

A small salon and a small cleaning table.

It offers: Day trips

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