General charter and travel terms for the shipping company Star Ocean 2016 Aps.

1. With the written registration of a charter. We enter into a binding charter agreement. For security reasons, we ask for a name list of all participants.

2. Each trip is understood as a common treatment for all involved. For all participants in this trip SHALL together form a crew under the leadership of the captain’s subscriber’s crew and no passengers and position all commonly accepted seamen rules and the relevant Danish and international harbors, in particular the power command of the ship’s officers. The registered participants undertake to participate in the usual onboard routine and activity of the vessel at sea in all weather. Participants will collaborate on interruptions services EVT. Damage should be avoided or kept as low as possible.

3. Deposit is generally 15% of the price of the trip. No later than 14 days after the trip is booked. An invoice will be sent, unless otherwise agreed on the deposit and the balance must be paid by the due date. Without full payment of the total amount. Is the trip not binding. Participant can NOT raise a claim for refund (If the participants interrupt the payment on the contractual charter trip) against Star Ocean 2016 Aps. After receiving the full amount, the trip is only binding. Cancellations must be made in writing with the agent or the organizer. (In accordance with the applicable rules of the company’s rules, it is the date of receipt of agent initiators. Cancellation fee: A general handling fee when the cancellation is calculated the amount of EUR 25 per participant. Charter sum)

3.1. Cancellation up to 50 days before charter / boat trip 25% of charter / trip

3.2. If canceled up 49-30 before loading / commencement of charter 50% of charter / trip

3.3. If canceled up 29-14 before loading / commencement of charter 80% of charter / trip

3.4. If canceled up from the 14th day before the charter itinerary 100% of the trip. We recommend booking travel / cancellation insurance due to the weather or other interruption that will prevent the trip. The participant will be (if the trip is interrupted due to bad weather) offered alternative date for the remaining days. The services used up to now, minus the services, are used by agreements with tour operators.

4. Own drinks are not allowed on board the Ostsee Star. If the ship’s regular staff finds that you have your own brought-on drinks on board, the trip can be canceled by the captain without any refund.

5. If for any reason (especially due to engine failure or force majeure, failure to meet the minimum number of participants) the Charter / Tour of Star Ocean 2016 aps must be canceled. The amount will be refunded to the participating guests. There may be no further requirements. The company Star Ocean 2016 Aps is that the participants committed immediately after the occurrence of the condition for failure to complete the charter / cruise to give notice. The participant will receive the paid chartered trip immediately.

6. The company Star Ocean 2016 Aps. Reserves the right to proceed / change the tour due to important reasons that include force majeure (storm damage machines damage strike etc.) the planned departure. If arrival to the port can not be reached on time, no refund or other reimbursement of the company Star Ocean 2016 Aps may be required. From wind speed 10 m / sec and more due to safety at sea. Decide exclusively on the CAPTCHA if you can sail out. If you are at sea, it is also decided by CAPTAIN if you are to search the nearest port.

7. Participants are liable for damages due to the general rule. Army and vandalism against the company Star Ocean 2016 Aps. Theft of navigation equipment and other objects of Ostsee Star, as well as violence against crew members and the owners of Star Ocean 2016 Aps or the ship’s officers will be reported to the authorities. And crew members / owner / officer of the ship may raise a claim against the participant. Regarding liability for some reason, should not be effectively recognized as legally limited to the owner of the ship in case of gross negligence or at least commit the obligation to the amount of 5,000 euros per applicant, per person or property more than 50,000 euros per incident limited.

8. For all shore excursions for example. sports events or other purposes perform participants at their own risk and responsibility. The Star Ocean 2016 Aps company can not be held liable if something happens when the participants are on land.

9. Guests must comply with the registered Danish rules, breach of these rules will be sorted by guests and not Star Ocean 2016 Aps. Fishing license is a requirement in Denmark if you are between 18-65 years.

10. Drugs and other narcotics are not allowed on board. The captain is entitled to cancel the trip if suspected of violation of this.

11. The Star Ocean 2016 Aps company is the legal person.

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